Our Story



What We Live For:


We are about Living For The Weekend, the times that become stories, and the parties you never forget. The Weekend isn’t dictated by the calendar. It’s about big swells, fresh powder, huge air, and broken records. It’s about catching rays, laughing with friends, and enjoying the moment. Tints were made for this: to go big, take a risk, and ask for the number. They’re the last thing you put on before you do something epic. Don’t hold back, show off your Tints.



How It Started:

Tints started in the basement of Wheaton College’s library. Harry and Nish were “studying” computer science, when the idea struck: affordable, polarized bamboo sunglasses built for action, styled for reaction. Then during the harsh, cold, laborious winter months, the duo worked, chisel in hand, from idea to design, design to prototype. And just in time for summer, the glasses came, and Tints was born.



Company Overview:


Tints Wear blends the pace and spirit of weekend life with creative design. We aim to develop eye-catching accessories and apparel, whose quality and comfort inspire action. And we maintain that fashion is not contingent on cost, that innovation comes from defiance and that the fun starts when the work week ends.